Slow Down!

Help us keep the Dam open for riding by following these simple and common sense rules:

  • Safety Gear – All the gear! All the time! Helmet, eye protection, riding boots, long pants.
  • Speed limit is 20 mph on the tar road.
  • Maintain 5 mph in the parking lot. It’s a parking lot, not a race track.
  • Please respect all visitors. The Thomaston Dam is open to everyone, not just trail riders.
  • Obey all signs. Closed means CLOSED. Maintain one way. Away from the Dam on the upper trails, towards the Dam on lower trails.
  • Littering is strictly prohibited.
  • Riding and drinking alcohol do not mix.
  • No double riding on trails. One rider per motorcycle.
  • CT All-Terrain registration or any street motorcycle plate required. Other state ATV registrations include NY,VT,FL, and PA.
  • Exhaust – Proper spark arrestor required. LOUD BIKES ARE NOT COOL!
  • Two wheeled trail bikes only. 3 and 4 wheeled ATVs are prohibited.

The Pathfinders Motorcycle Club has worked hard with the US Army Corp of Engineers to maintain these trails for you since 1979. We must ensure safety and the ongoing availability of the Thomaston Dam for off-road motorcycles.

Now get out there, ride safely and have fun!