Pathfinders Donate to Thomaston EMS and Fire Department

Members of the Pathfinders Motorcycle Club of CT made two generous donations totalling $1700 to the Thomaston Emergency Medical Services and Fire Department. The Pathfinders collect a small donation at their annual off-road motorcycle events held at the Thomaston Dam. Thomaston EMS and FD volunteer their time by providing on-site coverage at these events. The Thomaston Fire Department also raise funds by providing event food services. 

“Every year we look forward to working with the Thomaston EMTs and Fire Department”, says John Schreiner of the Pathfinders. “They are always willing to lend a hand with a smiling face. This is a great way for us to say ‘Thank you’ and give back to Thomaston community.”

Schreiner also states that the Pathfinders, working alongside the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, have volunteered more that 1500 man hours in 2016 maintaining the trails at the Thomaston Dam; a commitment they have kept since 1979.