Pathfinder Fun Ride FAQ

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

1. Are the Pathfinders a motorcycle gang?
Yes. If you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Hide your girlfriends and wives. Hide your husbands too; lady Pathfinders are pretty bad ass.

2. Are you really a motorcycle gang?
No. We are a family oriented, dirt scooter riding club. We dedicate more than 700 man hours of voluntary work to provide fun and safe off-road events. We help maintain the trails at the Thomaston Dam and also host four annual NETRA events. We are teaching our kids to be respectful stewards of the land so they can continue to enjoy this great sport for years to come.

3. What are the trails like and how hard are they?
It’s a ski area so there are a lot of steep ascents and descents. There are multiple tight woods/rocky sections to challenge you. There is a Novice/Pee Wee course just for little guys and gals and new riders. No big bikes on the Novice/Pee Wee trail unless you are chaperoning a rider around the course. Moms and Dads will be able to see their little rider the entire time. Bring a chair! The entire course is arrowed and ribboned and everyone is riding in the same direction. Difficulty levels will be marked with the same color scheme ski resorts use.

  • Green Arrows – Easiest. Trails are mostly the slopes and grass tracks.
  • Blue Arrows – Easy. Some of the slopes are steep. Riders unsure of their braking skills should avoid the steep Blue trails.
  • Black Arrows – Difficult. These trails are technical. Tight, rocky, rooty, with steep grades. There will be three levels of Black trail, single, double, and triple. The difficulty will be identified by the number of black arrows at the trail head.

4. You say “quiet dirt bikes only”. What does that mean?
Your bike should be able to pass a NETRA sound test of no more than 96dB. We are trying to put on a fun event AND still be a good neighbor to the surrounding homes. We may ask you to leave if your bike is unacceptably loud. We have designed the course to prevent WFO situations but we did leave some sections were you can wring it out. You have to help us be “good stewards” of the sport. Capisce?

Stay home if…

  • you think wringing your 125’s shorty pipe is cool.
  • you pulled the packing from your 450SX for performance reasons.
  • when you start your bike, you can’t hold a conversation with someone.

5. Is this really going to be a “fun” ride?
Yes. If you want to ride a “NOT-SO-FUN” ride, enter our enduro this October.

6. Is this fun ride big bike friendly?
hmmm… this is a good one. You might not be able to navigate the tight stuff but if you have sharp knobs on your tires you might be able to ride the grass tracks and slopes. Don’t be a hero though.

7. How can I get thrown out of this event?
I have informed my crew to throw you out on the first instance of any of these. We will have dozens of course riders and workers watching every inch of trail. Here is the short list of offenses that will get you thrown out.

  • Ride outside of the designated course.
  • Ride in the wrong direction.
  • Ride a wheelie.
  • Hang a stoppie.
  • Rev your bike like the Cool Rider from Grease.
  • Ride without a helmet.
  • Ride with a passenger.
  • Ride too fast in the slow areas and/or parking lot.
  • Ride on, sit on, touch, or breathe on any of Mt Southington’s snow equipment.
  • Rider under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Alcohol is prohibited during the event. e.g. Don’t walk around the event area with a can of beer. This is a family event.
  • Make a dangerous pass on another rider. 
  • Act like a jack ass. Jack-assery will not be tolerated.
  • Make a sweet jump and proceed to hit it over and over again. See Jack-assery.
  • Make a lot of noise after 10PM Saturday night. We have no issue asking you to leave.
  • Start trouble with any Pathfinder. See question 1.

8. Will there be any sweet jumps to launch my Yamazuki TTR 296?
No. You know that’s not a real bike right?

9. Will there be food?
Yes. We have three great food trucks confirmed for the event. Please bring cash and support our vendors!

  • Ted’s Steamed Cheeseburgers
  • The Whey Station Gourmet Grilled Cheeses
  • Rita’s Italian Ice

10. What’s “primitive camping”?
Primitive camping means there are no facilities like electricity or water. We will have spots for you to set up your camper or trailer. Please take out what you brought in. You should leave your spot as you found it. No generators or music after 10PM. There is a $20 camping fee that goes to the land owner. ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES!

11. Do I have to join the Pathfinders?
Nope. But if you’re a bad-ass, see Question 1. lol Seriously, we’d love to have you as a new member but it’s not required. You DO need to be a member of NETRA. You can join NETRA at this event. For $25 you can join as a Day Member to ride this event otherwise the other options are $45 annually for individuals, $65 for a family, and $425 for a lifetime membership. To speed up your registration, you can join NETRA online.

12. How much should all this fun cost me?
$10 Parking Fee or $20 Camping Fee goes to the land owners
$25 Event fee
$25 NETRA Day Pass – if you are not a NETRA member
$$ –  for food and drinks

13. Do I need any kind of motorcycle registration? Street or ATV plate/sticker?
No. This is a closed course event on private land. No special registration is required.


If you have any other questions you can email me at

Please remember, this is a FUN ride. Don’t ruin the ride for other people. There will be all levels of riders here and we need to respect that out on the trail.

Let’s make this a FUN AND SAFE ride so the land owners have us back again!

See you July 30th.

Trail Boss