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Why did you join the Pathfinders? What do you ride? Where? Do you or your kids race any local series?

NETRA Racers

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Pathfinders Code of Conduct

We are custodians of the sport. The actions of an individual can undo years of advocacy. Pathfinders Motorcycle Club members are expected to conduct themselves lawfully and respectfully whenever they are representing the club.

We support and grow the sport. All are welcome. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. As long as you love dirt bikes, you are welcome to join.

We work. All members are expected to donate their time to the degree that they can to club work parties and events. The sport does not happen on its own and we are committed to high-quality events and work at the Thomaston Dam. Freeloaders need not apply.

We have fun. At club rides and gatherings, a family vibe is key. Join the fun but do it in a way in which your fellow club members will want their spouse and kids to be there as well.

Payment Instructions

Annual Dues for Individuals and Families is $25.00

(Families include parents and children under 18)

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