Do you like dirt bikes? We do!

Do You Like Dirt Bikes?

The race and riding season is officially under way for the Pathfinders!

There was no greater example of our dedication to riding, racing and more importantly, having fun as a club than this past weekend’s event in South Jersey.

In what’s becoming our annual trip to the ECEA sponsored Greenbrier Enduro, 19 Pathfinders said “Im in!” and joined the field of almost 500 riders. 19 members made the four hour trek and braved the snow and frigid temperatures all in the name of a good time!!

When all was said and done, after over four hours of racing, 13 Pathfinders placed in the top 10 of their respective classes. Even though it’s all business when the green flag drops, or in this case the card flips to our minute (Enduro lingo!), we all managed to ride together for most of the day. This always leads to some ball breaking along the way, as well as, words of encouragement.

Once the race is over, the bench racing begins and the tall tales of heroism and “near death” experiences are joked about in the pits. There is also the genuine “congratulations” and “job well done” slaps on the back to everyone that finished.

In the Pathfinders MC of CT you will find a hardcore group of riders. You will also find lifelong friendships forged through one simple commonality – the love of riding dirt bikes!

Do you like dirt bikes? We do! Join us and see what the fun is all about!   


Jason Blais – A 201-250 – P7
R. Bartocetti – A SS 50+ – P6
S. Maturo – B 201-250 – P5
Jim Blais – B SS 50+ – P3
T. Gasper – B SS 50+ – P4
E Ventura – B SS 55+ – P9
B. MacNicholl – C 251+ Open – P6
M. MacNicholl – C 251+ Open – P7
R. Maier – C Vet 30+ – P3 (Congrats Rob, you got the Trifecta!!)
N. Caldari – C Vet 30+ – P5
A. Contois – C Vet 30+ – P12
B. McGalliard – C Vet 30+ – P18
D. Vine – C Vet 30+ – P17
J. Allen – C Senior 40+ – P2
A. Goodwin – C Senior 40+ – P5
D Smith – C Senior 40+ – P15
M. Alonso – C Senior 40+ – P22
B. Badurina – C Senior 40+ – P29
S. Nimons – C SS 50+ – P3