Why join a club?

Why join a NETRA club?  Why join the Pathfinders?  Because we ride as a big family.  Trips to NETRA and ECEA events with the Pathfinders look more like a band of brothers (and sisters) than a club.  We can be found at NETRA events, ECEA events, GNCCs, and riding together in places like Colorado, Michigan, and Costa Rica.

This weekend, 11 Pathfinders made the trip to the southern tip of New Jersey for the ECEA Greenbrier Enduro.  When these trips come up, we motivate each other to join in, we support each other getting ready for and during the event, and we bust chops and bench race on the way home.  Way more fun than heading to an event by yourself or with just one other riding buddy.  What more could you ask for?!?!

We push each other to do well, too.  The friendly intra-club rivalries are just as important as overall standings.  However, the rivalries never get in the way of brotherhood and sportsmanship.  When you pull up to the Pathfinder bivouac at an event, you’ll see guys sharing tips, parts, tools, (and if Andre is there, brownies!)  Not just with each other, but with any fellow rider who needs help.

At the 2021 Greenbrier Enduro, we had a great showing competitively with lots of guys earning hardware.