2018 Thomaston Dam Trail Work

This massive mess of broken trees blocked a fun section of trails near Bridge Out.

The Pathfinders put in 154 man hours in the month of April getting the trails ready for the public. More than a dozen fallen trees were cleared from the trails; many of them with hand tools only. There were some trees that required professional assistance and we were able to secure the services of Alan Sandt of A&J Tree Removal to get those big jobs done.

Club members also spent Earth Day collecting bags full of garbage from the lower trails. Removing this debris prevents all of it from getting caught up in the Dam’s sensitive operating equipment.

So when you ride by a fresh stack of logs and branches (there will be many), be sure to thank your U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Rangers and the Pathfinders.  

Have a safe and fun riding season. We’ll see you out there!


This massive tree blocked a trail and needed to be cleared by a professional.

Here’s how it looked after we cleared that big mess.

Alan of A&J Tree Removal volunteering his time to make the trails safe again.

A lot of garbage was collected on the lower trails.