Thomaston Dam Trail Bike Area Reopened

Since the August 2011 Hurricanes Irene and Lee with the second highest water ever at Thomaston Dam and the October 2011 snow storm Alfred, four equipment rental contracts, and seven tree removal/pruning & climbing contracts have been completed. Volunteers have logged 519 Man hours, with Corps of Engineers labor. Contracted tree climbers have addressed over 180 trees with hanging limbs. Debris removal/ equipment contractors and in house forces have moved much of the loose wood that was dropped from the leaning and hanging damaged trees. Representatives from the Pathfinders Motorcycle club have been in regularly for work parties and inspections. This week crews completed addressing the tall ragweed and the remaining hazard trees over the trails. Park Rangers advise that riders please observe posted signs and closed areas and ride at a safe speed. Note that the trail bike riding area closes on 14 October 2012 as usual to accommodate small game, waterfowl, turkey and fall archery deer hunting in accordance with CT State regulations.